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Friday, 5 October 2012

A Mighty Girl

We've had a long and unexpected blogging hiatus, but now we're back to our Mother Freakin' Writer ways, and hopefully on a more regular basis.

Something about the fall, when you can just get by without a coat, when the light is tinted in a faded orange, gets the creative juices flowing.  Maybe it's the bittersweet knowing that it won't last and will soon be replaced by a heavy, unforgiving winter.  I was having one of those fall moments watching my little girls walk hand-in-hand up the road the other day.  They were blissfully in synch.  I told myself to remember the picture of their little bodies shuffling along when a huge group of high school girls on their lunch break enveloped us.  A loud chorus of 'she said this' and 'can you believe she did that?' carried us along.  As they thinned out ahead, leaving my girls in their wake, I told myself that I had time, that this was just teenage girl stuff.  Then, we were enveloped again, this time by a crowd of younger girls, some of them looking not much older than 10.  And like their older counterparts, they, too, were to be heard gossiping and mean-girling.  It was disheartening and it inspired me to write this post.  Was it the same for me back when?  Sure.  I can remember the ways in which girlhood had to be abandoned to mimic something strange and foreign, something older.

Maybe I'm willfully naive, but I hope we can give girls some sense of sisterhood, that they can let their lights shine without fearing jealousy and gossip.  But how is this even possible with the myriad of social media out there that foster exclusivity and bullying?

A friend made me aware of 'A Mighty Girl' - a website that sells 'the world's largest collection of books and movies for smart, confident, and courageous girls.'  Take a look and see if you find anything inspiring.  I think it will be a go-to source for me in the future.