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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

I (diot) T (technology) by Val Innes

Do you have a writing routine? Some scribes do, others are flexible. Me, I start writing longhand - words come easier to me with a pencil in my hand.  The problem comes when I have to type the prose into - or is it onto? - the computer and I can't read my handwriting.  I keep all written drafts and research (remember I write non-fiction pieces) and convince myself that it is in case of questions later in the process.  In reality I think I like the feeling of paper and screeds of handwritten notes. Since I also like trees, I aim to stop that practice as soon as possible.

At the end of the day, all my work ends up on the computer. Which is why this week I have been tearing my hair out.  My laptop (already missing the "F", "W" and "@" buttons, decided to go on strike.  It was so determined to have a holiday that it would not even open a document I had previously saved.  Worse was to come though, as I couldn't log onto the internet (no Facebook or bubbleshooter...) and eventually the laptop died. I mean all I got was a black screen (with bird tweets coming out of it, but it has been doing that for a while now!)

Thank goodness for the computer shop opposite The Links as they are going to 'supercharge' my machine (or fully resuscitate as I think of the process) for Friday. FRIDAY! My seven-year old is crying into her cornflakes that her Moshi Monster will be missing her; he may even lose his rare moshlings.  Any parent with children under school age will not be familiar with the addictive online games available to children. In my defence, at least Moshi Monsters has word and numeracy tests that she loves to do. 
Apologies, therefore, if this post is late.  I had to offer no end of favours (no, definitely not those ones!) to the owner of the other laptop in the house so I could borrow his fully operable, brand new computer and printer to write this blog.  It left me thinking that sometimes the grown ups can be more difficult than the children - unless you include temperamental laptops, that is.
So I will end with this. Do you have back up when technology goes wrong? If not, I repeat the wise words of Woody in Toy Story:  "If you haven't got one, GET one!"

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