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Friday, 4 May 2012

Creating Minds

Apparently, according to recent scientific studies, your brain is always at work being creative and creativity is not a process reserved just for ‘creative’ people.  We all possess different creative skills.  And according to the same studies, states of relaxation are essential for moments of insight that fuel our most creative ideas.  So, if you’re a mother freakin’ writer, those moments of calm and peace are good times to let your brain relax and do the work for you, to let those little baby chickens incubate until they are ready to hatch. 

Also, again according to the same studies, creativity is actually much more social than we’ve wanted to believe, shelving the myth of the lone genius.  Learning this made me realize that feeding my social life is as important and vital to my well-being as it is to my writing.  So, I don’t need to feel so guilty about having fun once in a while.  It’s making me more creative!

Edinburgh is full of creative moms and apparently cities like this become centers of creativity because they force us to interact and these experiences feed our creativity.  Along with the above points on creativity, studies show that both single-mindedness and persistence are essential keys to creative success, not just raw talent.  So those old adages about persistence really are true.

It occurred to me after listening to a Radio 4 program on creativity that discussed these studies, (thanks to it being pointed out to me by another creative mom), that all these aspects of creativity are closely aligned with being a mother.  Often it is in those moments of calm and relaxation that we find clarity in a parenting issue, and often in our persistence and consistency as mothers, we see our children responding positively to the safety of the boundaries we are providing.

How do you feed your creative mind?  Do you pin board, note-take, go for walks or creative meet-up groups?  How do you find this helps increase your creativity?


  1. Hey, you! So fun to see you here in the blogosphere. For me, walking the dog is a great way to let my mind rest and work at the same time -- the pressure of "real" writing time is gone, and I'm able to let my thoughts unfold organically.

    Getting away from my normal routine is also a real re-charge. Often, it's a chance for me to observe and reflect on life, fueling me up for later.

  2. Yes, I am blogging! It took me a long time to be ready. Thanks for joining! I'm going to add your blog to my links!