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Friday, 18 May 2012

Chicken Soup For Writers by Val Innes

This blog is all about support. It is also about encouragement and sharing the roadblocks that pop up along the pathway to publishing.  But how about inspiration? Now there is a word that I like.  For writers (and slightly jaded and battered parents) inspiration is what we are all about.  Children can notice detail that slip past our consciousness but can be amazing.  Simple things such as the reflection of a rainbow in a giant puddle in the park.  Sharing these moments with your kids, and, in turn, opening your eyes to see (excuse the clich√©) “the bigger picture” take root in a writer’s mind and materialise sometime later in your work.  I hope the moment is also stored in my mental photograph album and I can reminisce when I am an old lady.  In short, everything we see can inspire us.
But writers need to use inspiration in the face of adversity; when you hit that seemingly insurmountable wall during the writing process and this is when we should be able to turn to other writer’s (or parent’s) experiences.  Each of our knocks and many of our successes can keep the blocked and/or depressed writer going in their moment of need.

I was thinking it would be nice to have a little inspirational writing bible that I could flick through (or if you are a kindle user, scroll) to boost a flagging creative streak and one day, perhaps, I could add my own words of wisdom.  Yes, we all have a couple of self-help books on our shelves and I’ll bet you have at least one “writing to get published” texts but I am looking for anecdotes, tips and a statement that will inject some inspiration directly into my system.  

It turns out there is such a book.  Or, there will be. And, for writers who have a wonderful, uplifting tale to tell, you can be paid for it.  “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for Writers: 101 Motivational Stories for Writers…”  needs YOUR stories.  They want to hear about your successes, setbacks and everything in between.  A bit like this blog but with the potential for money to be made… and that doesn’t happen too much does it? 

So after you comment on “Motherfreakinwriters” check out for details.

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