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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Challenge Finding Writing Time by Val Innes

It is 10.39pm and my mind is a whirl of words as I mentally write this post.  Unfortunately, I am still hard at it.  The housework, that is.  And I repeat... it is 10.39pm.  Herein lies the problem for writers who are parents or carers.  Time.  Time to write, time to give quality attention to your children and time to keep the house in order (notice I don't say organised). Time for your supportive (or not?) other half.

Interestingly, I don't crave "me" time in the sense of sitting down and doing nothing. I am wondering if you are the same?  If you are like me - and Anna - you will know exactly why.  Writers are compelled to channel any spare energy or time into putting words on paper (or screen) and I find it frustrating to see my desk littered with ideas and features half written when I know that I have to morph into "mum" mode again.  Writing is my "time".  I relax even when writing to a deadline, and my brain can wring out all the tiny nougats of information that pervades my head when I am looking after the family.
Each night after I kiss my children's warm cheeks and tuck them up in bed, I tip toe out of their room with a smile spread across my face.  No more organising or decision-making for me and I needn't worry about being leaped on or head-butted (by accident, of course).  I don't even miss the tender declarations of love the kids say from time to time, because I am about to enter the zone that is just for me - my "writing" time.   And I will began to write... as soon as I hang out my laundry!   

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